Higher Loyalty, A (Comey)

Thanks for an interesting post! I’m reblogging to share with other indexers.

Jen Weers Indexing

I just had to take a look at A Higher Loyalty’s index. A politically important and newsworthy book like Comey’s makes my imagination go wild. Who indexed it? What was that process like? I kinda even want the indexer’s autograph. I did the same thing when Hillary’s book came out. I’m a nerd like that.

But, to my annoyance, there was no index on Amazon’s “look inside” for Comey’s book. I did, however, find a snapshot of it on splinternews.com. Clio Chang did peek inside and pointed out some interesting entries (HT, Clio Chang!).

Comey Index 1

I am reasonably political. I feel as if it is important to know the happenings in Washington and other capitals around the globe. I have a definite opinion on many issues, but I am also able to have a conversation with someone from the other side of the aisle. I might even share…

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