Fetus or unborn child?

As indexers, we all know that our choice of words is important.  We also know that language is dynamic so we need to be aware of current usage, sometimes even “politically correct” usages.   In medical, scientific, or technical indexing we are often dealing with terms that have very specific definitions so it is easy to…

Higher Loyalty, A (Comey)

Originally posted on Jen Weers Indexing:
I just had to take a look at A Higher Loyalty’s index. A politically important and newsworthy book like Comey’s makes my imagination go wild. Who indexed it? What was that process like? I kinda even want the indexer’s autograph. I did the same thing when Hillary’s book came…

ASI Conference! Cleveland!

Since I started packing for Cleveland for the ASI convention, I thought I’d look at the weather forecast for Cleveland, OH; doesn’t matter where you look, it seems that layering is going to be a  practical mode of dress. The ten-day forecast shows highs in the 40s and 50s for the time that we’ll be there….

Multi-authored book indexes

Potomac Indexing blog from 12 April 2018 has a great article on working with multi-authored books.  I do a lot of those and the post really puts it together well.  Thanks, Meghan Brawley.

SKY Index v.8

Software can wonderful–especially if you take the time and make the effort to learn what I really can do. That applies to SKY indexing software as much as to any other software. It’s always good to read instructions–like the user’s manual.  (I admit to being a compulsive manual reader–and I keep a shortcut to the…

Culinary word use

One of the emails that periodically appears in my inbox is from Conscious Style Guide about latest articles.  Topics such as unbiased language use are sometimes useful in the process of choosing how to phrase an index entry.  So, I thought I share this useful article. The latest was Why We Should Examine our Culinary Vocabulary is well worth reading…


I thought I’d pass along the post from the Potomac Indexing (PI) blog on juggling multiple projects. Some indexers may like to do this, but almost all of us have to do it at one time or another and here are some suggestions on how it might be done.

On multi-tasking

Here’s a post from AfterWords Publishing Services that we all need to read because we seem to think multitasking is a good thing to do: Multi-Tasking: A False Virtue.  It’s easy to slip into, hard to stop, but here are some ways to keep your focus.

Freelancing and mental health

Originally posted on EAT SLEEP EDIT REPEAT:
Note: I agonised over whether I should share this post at all, especially on my work blog – but I decided it is better to talk about these things. I also stressed over what to call it, but decided anything else would be a euphemism.    This is…

In memory of David K. Ream

The group (The Friends of David Ream) has established a scholarship aid for new indexers to attend an indexing conference. Details of the scholarship can be found at DReam to Index.