On eBooks

As a fan of e-books, especially for light reading (read British mysteries) but also for cookbooks because of the price difference when compared to the hard copy, I’m always interested in current trends in publishing and reading. I’m sure that as indexers we all tend to be concerned about these issues since we do work…

On Cross references

From the Potomac Indexing blog, here is another great article on using cross-references from Meghan Brawley:  Usability: Understanding Cross References, Part II.

Why we exist

This article 5 Things Professional Book Indexers Wish Authors Knew from Ideas on Fire was shared on my Facebook page.  I thought it was worth passing on if you are thinking about whether your book needs an index, and who should write it.

Discussing indexing with clients: Part 2

Here’s another resource for helping authors understand what we do and help if they want to do it themselves.  From the Potomac Indexing Blog, by Joanne Sprot, Book Indexing for Authors: Part 2.

Discussing indexing with clients

We all have those times when we need to discuss indexing with clients; sometimes authors, other times editors. For those discussions with authors, I think this might be helpful–and has links to other resources to help with the discussion. Book Indexing for Authors: Part I by Joanne Sprott at Potomac Indexing

Fetus or unborn child?

As indexers, we all know that our choice of words is important.  We also know that language is dynamic so we need to be aware of current usage, sometimes even “politically correct” usages.   In medical, scientific, or technical indexing we are often dealing with terms that have very specific definitions so it is easy to…

Higher Loyalty, A (Comey)

Originally posted on Jen Weers Indexing:
I just had to take a look at A Higher Loyalty’s index. A politically important and newsworthy book like Comey’s makes my imagination go wild. Who indexed it? What was that process like? I kinda even want the indexer’s autograph. I did the same thing when Hillary’s book came…

ASI Conference! Cleveland!

Since I started packing for Cleveland for the ASI convention, I thought I’d look at the weather forecast for Cleveland, OH; doesn’t matter where you look, it seems that layering is going to be a  practical mode of dress. The ten-day forecast shows highs in the 40s and 50s for the time that we’ll be there….

Multi-authored book indexes

Potomac Indexing blog from 12 April 2018 has a great article on working with multi-authored books.  I do a lot of those and the post really puts it together well.  Thanks, Meghan Brawley.

SKY Index v.8

Software can wonderful–especially if you take the time and make the effort to learn what I really can do. That applies to SKY indexing software as much as to any other software. It’s always good to read instructions–like the user’s manual.  (I admit to being a compulsive manual reader–and I keep a shortcut to the…