Rates for indexing are generally given on a cost per indexable page.  This will vary with the content,  the number and type of indexes desired/needed.  The indexable pages would be those containing substantive information for which a reader might search.   This  often includes the introduction, body of text including figures, tables and illustrations.  Footnotes and end-notes can be included if desired.

The type of material (i.e. textbook, scholarly work, or trade book) will influence the cost per page, as will the  number of entries per page needed to represent the content adequately and to guide the reader appropriately.

To receive a quote for a project, please fill out the Index Specification Sheet and submit a 10 to 15 page sample from the mid-portion of the material in PDF, RTF, or Microsoft Word (docx/doc)  file.  After reviewing this, I can give you a quote for the project.  The time allowable to complete the index may influence the per page rate as well.

If you have questions please  contact me.

Work specification sheets: