On Cross references

From the Potomac Indexing blog, here is another great article on using cross-references from Meghan Brawley:  Usability: Understanding Cross References, Part II.

Why we exist

This article 5 Things Professional Book Indexers Wish Authors Knew from Ideas on Fire was shared on my Facebook page.  I thought it was worth passing on if you are thinking about whether your book needs an index, and who should write it.

Discussing indexing with clients: Part 2

Here’s another resource for helping authors understand what we do and help if they want to do it themselves.  From the Potomac Indexing Blog, by Joanne Sprot, Book Indexing for Authors: Part 2.

Discussing indexing with clients

We all have those times when we need to discuss indexing with clients; sometimes authors, other times editors. For those discussions with authors, I think this might be helpful–and has links to other resources to help with the discussion. Book Indexing for Authors: Part I by Joanne Sprott at Potomac Indexing

Higher Loyalty, A (Comey)

Originally posted on Jen Weers Indexing:
I just had to take a look at A Higher Loyalty’s index. A politically important and newsworthy book like Comey’s makes my imagination go wild. Who indexed it? What was that process like? I kinda even want the indexer’s autograph. I did the same thing when Hillary’s book came…

Multi-authored book indexes

Potomac Indexing blog from 12 April 2018 has a great article on working with multi-authored books.  I do a lot of those and the post really puts it together well.  Thanks, Meghan Brawley.

Freelancing and mental health

Originally posted on EAT SLEEP EDIT REPEAT:
Note: I agonised over whether I should share this post at all, especially on my work blog – but I decided it is better to talk about these things. I also stressed over what to call it, but decided anything else would be a euphemism.    This is…

In memory of David K. Ream

The group (The Friends of David Ream) has established a scholarship aid for new indexers to attend an indexing conference. Details of the scholarship can be found at DReam to Index.

Indexers Rock!

I’ve just had a look at the program for the 2018 conference in Cleveland. There are so many good presentations on the program schedule. It’s going to be a hard decision what sessions to attend when you really want to attend everything. Just a few of the things you’ll find on the program: Pilar Wyman and Katharina…

Twitter chat on e-books

Even though I’m a real novice with Twitter, the chat session on e-books ( #eprdctn ) was really good. I came away with lots of links to learn more about embedded indexing. I hope there will be more of these.