Good editing advice

We all have to edit our indexes before we send them off and we all want to spend as little time as possible doing that.  This was a topic that was touched on at the recent ASI conference in Portland ME.

There’s a great follow-up article in the Potomac Indexing Blog by Meghan Brawley that I’d recommend any indexer concerned with editing should read:  Indexing and Editing as You Go.

My cat needs me…

I love indexing. I love working free-lance but as with even the best things, there are some “downside” things. One is that freelance indexing can be rather solitary. I appreciate Facebook as it allows me to keep in contact with other indexers in between conferences but nothing compares to meeting the “names and pictures” face to face, hearing indexing spoken, and the learning and new ideas that always come from professional meetings like the American Society for Indexing (ASI) national conferences.

img_20141212_110527255_hdrEven with all those good things, I am always glad to head for home. I have this silly idea that my cat probably needs me (despite most excellent care from a good friend while I’m away) and I’m anticipating seeing what the bees have done while I’ve been away. So I’m glad to be packing up and contemplating my early morning plane ride home.

As usual, I leave the conference with new ideas, new friends, and reconnection with old friends and appreciation of the contributions of other indexers to my development as a professional in the field of indexing. I also leave with a little sadness that I won’t see many of these people for another year. There is the hope that in some way I’ve managed to leave a contribution to the profession and to pay forward some of the benefits that I’ve gained from ASI members.


Portland ME

When I flew out of Durham NC it was 90ºF. When I arrived in Portland ME for the American Society of Indexing conference it was 91ºF on Tuesday. But the weather has improved–it’s now what I expected of Maine.

I was so glad to have some time to act like a tourist before we start the conference–my schedule hasn’t often allowed that. I’ve been out walking around, enjoying the clear, cool weather, and listening to the gulls.

Part of being a tourist was to go to the Portland Art Museum–to spend hours browsing amongst paintings by Edward Hopper, Andrew Wyeth, Winslow Homer, and a lot of American painters and sculptors with which I was not familiar. I could go back and spend many more hours. It’s well worth the price of admission.

Obviously, I’m a book fan–and there was a book shop with the museum. I couldn’t leave without a souvenir and given my interest in food, it certainly wasn’t possible to pass up a book by Kate Christiansen with the title “How to Cook a Moose”. On the lighter side, I bought a booklet of postcards featuring some of Edward Hopper’s lesser known works–including some land- and seascapes.

Until Sunday, my tourist activity is mostly on hold as we get to work on learning more about indexing.

Portland ME: restaurants

Not that I’m more interested in food than in the presentations for the ASI conference in Portland ME, but that’s important, too. I found this article in Bon Apetit on where to eat in Portland ME and thought I’d share it. I do intend to eat some lobster and oysters while I’m there!  Links included in the article; however, Scales Restaurant  is mentioned no link is given. Thanks to Google, you can check that one out here


From Potomac Indexing Blog

From Joanne Sprott on the Potomac Indexing Blog here a great article on “Name Dropping in the Index” that I found helpful in dealing with names in some indexes–particularly in academic publications where “vanity”  inclusion is an issue–where the number of times an author is cited is important.

Good information for authors and for indexers.


Webinar on WordPress Websites

Since we all probably do have websites, I’m sure this will be huge benefit for a very modest financial investment.

Creating and Securing Your WordPress Website for Marketing Success

with Joanne Sprott and Rich Hamilton

February 22, 2017

10 am Pacific; 11 am Mtn; 12 pm Central; 1 pm Eastern

Rich Hamilton (longtime WordPress coder and the tech whiz behind ASI’s website) and Joanne Sprott (longtime indexer, editor, and tech-savvy user of WordPress for her own sites) are teaming up to provide indexers with a guide to online visibility for their freelance businesses through the WordPress content management system.


  • Learn how to create your own website using user-friendly WordPress
  • Determine the best content to include on your website
  • Discern how to choose a theme and add widgets that make it easier for you
  • Create content that pulls in prospective clients and presents your indexing services and portfolio using WordPress features
  • Build security measures into your website to prevent hackers from breaking into your site
  • Discover how WordPress makes it possible for you to manage your own website
  • Find out the two things that you must have on your website

The webinar is just $19 for members, and you will have long-term access to the replay following the event. After February 22, purchase the replay for $29.  Nonmembers $59.00; Replay $69.00