An unproductive day….

I do love working from home and being my own boss; usually I’m quite diligent about work but there are those occasional days productivity just isn’t happening–I can’t think of appropriate ways to phrase entries; just nothing is going right. I can’t blame the cat–even if he is persistently trying to walk across the keyboard (trying to edit my work?), and I think that he would probably write better entries that I’m doing.

If I were not the boss, I would be sitting at the computer continuing to be unproductive for the usual hours–but I am the boss, even with deadlines to meet. As boss I can try to do something about it. Sometimes just an activity break like going out and running around the block helps; sometimes it doesn’t.

When running around the block or mopping the floor doesn’t work my solution is to put work aside, realizing that I’ll have to add a bit of time for the next few days to make up for the time “lost”.  I won’t just persevere–I won’t just waste time and get more and more frustrated to the point where I’ll start screaming at the cat and/or have a lot of editing to do because of my uninspired efforts. Weather permitting, I’ll go walk on the green-way and do some birding, or go sit by the beehives and let their smells and sounds be soothing (almost like meditation)–or maybe even open up the hives and do an inspection. Weather not permitting those things, I’ll go to the kitchen and cook something, or maybe visit my favorite food shop.

I have to get completely away from the computer–a Facebook break won’t do it (unless I’m writing blog posts–that’s venting) or I have this niggling sense of frustration and guilt that I’m not working on the index. My escape requires an activity that gets my mind completely off the index for a while. This is a different situation than when my break-time software (or the cat) demands that I have an RSI-prevention break. This is a “head” break, in hopes that when I come back I’ll have the inspiration or mindset that I need to complete the task!

Happy indexing, folks!




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