software, learning curve for new….

SKY weblogoAfter a lot of thought, cogitation, and serious deliberation, I’ve done it–just installed SKY Index 7 (SI7).  Now I’m working my way through the accompanying manual to be sure that I can get the best out of SI7.

While I’m waiting for the final on the 3rd edition of a book on motor disorders, I’ve used the 2nd edition to make an index that I can use to practice all the built-in editing commands provided with the software.  The explanations of the editing commands in the manual are making it easy to use them–I just need to get them to be second nature.

Starting with the entry of lots of neurological and neuroanatomical terms, for headings and for multiple subheadings, the autocomplete is awesome.  Now that I’ve got a bunch of entries, I’m ready to “play” with the editing commands.  So far I’ve checked out the swap, shift left, shift right.  Now on to the combinations of duplicate and swap….


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