ASI Conference in San Antonio, Texas

It’s been a good trip to Texas–once I escaped from Denver and finally got here. Talk about time travel!  Wednesday was a pretty strange day:  leave Durham NC (Eastern time zone) in pleasant spring weather; arrive Denver CO in 28 degrees Fahrenheit, snow, freezing rain–all on Mountain time.  A cancelled flight, and several delays to leave the snow and ice behind and arrive in San Antonio at about 1 a.m. to hot (yes, hot) and humid weather, now on Central time–and another totally different season…and I missed the opening reception.

Thursday morning I was a bit slow to start–took a lot of coffee, but it was a good day with indexing being spoken all over the place.  Again on Friday, more indexing spoken–learned a lot from the presentations. Some fantastic speakers and presentations both Thursday and Friday: Judith Pascoe, Joshua Tallent, and Cory Pressman.   Saturday two excellent workshops–one on using PDFs in indexing, and one on embedded indexing.

Now I’ve had a leisurely day skulking about the Riverwalk; I’ll be heading back to Durham tomorrow…via Houston, NOT Denver…having had a good healthy dose of indexing. Happy to have been in San Antonio for the conference, and happy to get back home for some quality time with the cat.

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