After starting the morning with computer hassles, the day has improved!  Computer problem solved thanks to a good neighbor who is a real whiz with computers.

Then to further improve my day, I got confirmation that the author has finished the rewrite on the next edition of the motor disorders book that I’ve been waiting to start indexing. Perfect timing since I don’t teach medical terminology during the summer.

Meanwhile, learning the new software continues. I’m using the earlier edition of the motor disorders book to practice all the editing commands, and to build acronyms and auto-complete terms for this coming index, and for other neurology and neuroanatomy generally. I’m SO glad that I decided to make the switch before starting this particular project.

The more I work with this SKY Index (v.7), the more impressed I am with the many editing commands, especially for double posting,  and with the handling of cross-references (as in automatically making sure that I do them correctly right then).

It’s shaping up to be a good summer break!

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