Laptop versus lap

I  posted some time ago about preventing loss of work by cat-proofing your computer with PawSense.  This is just an update on my experiences with cat and computer. The PawSense software really does protect work–it responds very quickly to cat-like typing.

I worked through the selection of sounds to “annoy” the cat and  chase him off the keyboard.  For some of the sounds, he simply sat down (on the keyboard) and looked at the speakers. Frankie and I have finally decided that the “not opera”  is what he likes least.  He has quickly learned where to put his feet so he was not activating the sound very often, and with some coaxing on my part, he’s now more readily moving from laptop to lap, and more and more frequently, straight to lap.

If you have a computer-loving cat, I’d definitely recommend this software–it’s both effective and inexpensive.

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