Index for “The Polar Times”

It’s a relief to have a cat-proof computer as I’m now editing/proofreading scanned excerpts from The Polar Times for a 75th anniversary publication.  The excerpts are coming to me as MS Word documents.  I’m doing some formatting and checking for OCR errors, and preparing an index.

My indexing software, CINDEX®, is making the embedding easy!  It’s a “drag and drop” process.  It’s fortunate that these are short excerpts for the most part; these have to be imported into InDesign–so I’m glad that there are not a lot of page ranges to deal with.

I’m glad to have the WorkPace® software installed as well–it’s very easy to keep working longer than I should without taking a break!  Very glad to have my computer making my life easier (and healthier)! And automatic back up of my work with Carbonite!

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