Cat-proof computer!

Quite some time ago, I posted about assessing the risk of losing work, cat proofing software, and backup of work.  At the time  the Keiko (the cat who was with me until 15 December 2011) just was not really a threat when it came to walking on the keyboard.  Sadly, Keiko had adenocarcinoma of the ileum and is no longer with me.

Ginger cat on laptop keyboard.Her successor has turned out to be a keyboard lover!  So–I’ve installed PawSense®–for obvious reasons.

I have to say that it installed easily.  It doesn’t seem to affect the speed of the computer.  It works.

Ginger tabby cat on keyboardIt comes with a selection of sounds, some that certainly seem as if they should be annoying to a cat–they are certainly annoying to me!  (That is not a complaint since I do really want Frankie to stay off the keyboard.) It even has the option for you to record your own your own message to said cat if you wish.

Cat grooming on keyboard of laptopIt reacts quickly when the paws hit the keys, locking the computer, and making noises at the cat.  (Is it obvious from the pictures why I installed this software?)

Once the cat is off the keyboard it’s easy for me to get access to the computer again–I can click the button that says “Let me use the computer” or I can type “human” into the little box at the bottom of the screen.  (I usually click the button, especially early in the morning lest the computer mistake me for the cat.)

I have to say that it’s inexpensive too!  The CD arrived promptly in the mail. (It’s not downloadable.)  It’s available for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7.

It has a screen saver mode for when you’re not at the keyboard, but the computer is still on.

Right now I’m using the “not annoying” sound–simply a rather pleasant masculine voice saying “Get off the keyboard.” a few times, followed by a yawn that seems to say you’re interrupting my work.  Volume of the sounds is easily adjusted–I started low and have worked it up.

Ginger tabby with green eyesThis software, coupled with me getting up and walking away when cat hits keys is effectively keeping my work intact and seems to be training Frankie to stay off the keyboard.  (I really think that he’s trying to replace my RSI-prevention break-time software–WorkPace®!) Since I can’t imagine not having a cat in the house, I’m pleased to have the computer safe from Frankie until he learns to be a bit more selective about where he places his paws!

“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.” – Jean Cocteau

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