Crash, refresh, and resume. . .

I love what I do. Even when dealing with deadlines. Even looming deadlines. But that still doesn’t stop me needing a “crash” day after I meet a tight deadline. Since I had a very long workday, this crash day was mostly doing nothing–also known as quality time with the cat, or maybe even getting into the existential world of the cat–Frankie is an excellent tutor as long as his food bowl is appropriately filled.

The crash, unfortunately, included regression to wearing wrist splints at night and sometimes during the day because I did something very unwise (read as stupid): I turned off my break-timer software during the last hours of working to meet the deadline. Silly thing to do–I know better, but I did it anyway and my other “software” was happily snoozing in my bed rather than overseeing my breaks as he ought. Silly beast thinks he can work a nine-to-five day! So gained a few minutes of work time, but there was a price to pay.

img_20141212_110634096_hdrThe refresh had to include cleaning out the refrigerator since I did a lot of eat-out or carry-in rather than cooking as this deadline approached. That situation engenders lots of miscellaneous little containers that get pushed to the back of the fridge as new ones get stashed and all tend to grow some amazingly colorful flora, and probably fauna too.

I have to admit to more procrastination than was really good for the appearance of the house. While the dust bunnies loitered under the bed and probably elsewhere, I went out to visit some of my favorite specialty shops, tasting olive oils and balsamic vinegars–retail and cooking therapy; and some serious lollygagging around, taking lessons from the cat, and reading for fun. I visited the bees and enjoyed the Autumn sunshine too.

I did manage to work in some cooking so that there is a fresh supply of defrostable meals in the freezer for the next time I have a deadline to meet.

Now it’s time to resume.


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