A pleasant thing today

It’s been a delightful day!

I did my first inspection of the new honey bee colony and it looks to my definitely untrained eye that things are going well. That has made the current work hiatus very pleasant. I was certainly ready for a break–and yes I know I did the scheduling, but there were a few unforeseen things. (No even in with the indexing you’re not immune to bee news.)


Today I received a priority mail delivery that made me feel so good. It was a copy of one of book coverthe recent books that I indexed: Parting the Curtains: A Woman’s Handbook of Sex and Sexuality, by Ditza Katz, PT, PhD and Ross Lynn Tabisel, LCSW, PhD. Drs. Katz and Tabisel have the Women’s Therapy Center in Plainview NY (www.womentc.com).

We all know that it’s a very positive thing to receive a copy of the book. It’s even nicer when there are notes included.  Yes, I’m going to brag and quote:

“Our utmost appreciation for indispensable contributions to the birth of his book”

It was a delight to work on the preparation of this book. There is also digital version due to appear on Amazon tomorrow–with an active index.  Sure, it will show page numbers, but if you click on the page number it should take you to the text indexed.


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