Food in Charleston SC

I’m excited about the American Society for Indexing convention–it’s good to get to talk face-to-face with other indexers–there’s always something to learn. I’m excited to see the other who worked on the Best Practices document again–and I’m looking forward to visiting Charleston SC.  I’ve never been there so I’m planning to stay until Sunday morning to have a little time to look around.

I’m told you couldn’t get a bad meal in Charleston–being my naturally skeptical self, I don’t believe that. I’ve had my “feelers” out to friends and acquaintances who are in the restaurant business in one way or another and I got some recommendations for foodies (like me). I’ve gotten a recommendation for Husk.  I’ve just been perusing the menu, and I think that this is a “must” for one dinner–and maybe Sunday brunch before I head back to Durham.

Note that when I asked for recommendations, I didn’t stipulate anything about price, so food quality was the only stipulation. I’ve gotten these recommendations for a chef who has spent a lot of time in Charleston–and who is a very serious, seasonal foodie, and has left out the “touristy” places (although he says some are good.  Included in his suggestions (I asked for his “raves” in addition to Husk) are:

  • McCrady’s Restaurant for seriously good food in an inventive way–sous vide, foams, etc. (As of right now, this link seems very slow to load, but it does eventually do it. The menu looks fantastic.  This Sean Brock’s (as well as Husk).
  • Husk (also Sean Bock presenting local Southern food) is lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch.
  • EVO Pizza (that is for Extra Virgin Oven) and, yes, it’s pizza, but with house-made charcuterie. Features local microbrews, too.  Lunch and dinner, Monday through Saturday.
  • Glass Onion (and I’m told that the cookbook is awesome–and this from someone who probably doesn’t really need a cookbook).
  • Bowens Island Restaurant for outstanding seafood (and I’m warned that this is “hole-in-the-wall” when compared to some other restaurants, but unbeatable seafood.  Dinner only, closed Sunday and Monday.
  • Martha Lou’s Kitchen for soul food and “low country” food; lunch only.

I’m sure I’m not going to get to eat at all of these–but Husk is right at the top of my list and I dare say that you can guess my next preferences. I’m going to this convention business, but I’m not passing up some good food.  Anybody want to join me?

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