Some days are like that…

…and today has been one of those days!  It’s been a hell of a day–or should that be a day in hell so this is a bit of a rant and some venting. Maybe you should stop reading here.

It began early (before breakfast) when I knew I had to reboot the computer because Office 365 was not opening any programs on my desktop. Then every mouse, trackball, touchpad all went absolutely nuts–opening multiple copies of anything with one click, or turning themselves off. I finally got the Wacom graphic pad and pen to work. Thankfully, I’m really into keyboard shortcuts in SKY Index so work went pretty well–until early this evening.

A bit of good news did filter in through my webmail: the author and editor were both happy with the index I did for “The Self-Employment Survival Guide” so now all I have to do is apply the custom formatting that the publisher wants.  That was the bright spot in the morning.

I decided that I had to either fix it myself or tomorrow would have to haul it to the shop. So I started by checking that all my drivers for these various devices were up to date; they were.

Then after skulking through the Microsoft Knowledge Base, I discovered that one of the Windows 10 updates had not been installed, so I went there. It took forever for the update to download, and then “it” meaning Windows wanted to delay the restart and wouldn’t let me cancel that. Rampant frustration–I was so PO’d that I canceled that window out, and just told the computer to restart; then I got the option to complete update and restart.  I hit the faithful enter key and ran away to go to the grocery store to get milk so I can have my morning café latte.

While I was out and about, I thought I’d treat myself to a fish sandwich. Dream on! The side that I wanted with my flounder sandwich was not available, and the sandwich was definitely on the skimpy side–as in the fish didn’t really even cover the bun. SO, I was obnoxious about it because I was still hungry–got a second sandwich, which of course was way too much food. (I did leave the waitperson a decent tip since it wasn’t her fault.)

Then to complete my day, I stopped at the grocery store for milk. That went fine until I was on my way back to my car and some woman on her cell phone suddenly backed out and came within inches of hitting me. I’m probably going to have a bruise where I hit my knee on the bumper of the car next to her when I jumped out of the way.

I’m now safely home and I’ve turned on the AC: still 84 degrees and 71 dew point. The computer seems to have done its thing and updated itself; I’m waiting until tomorrow morning to see if it fixed itself. I couldn’t stand finding that it still wasn’t working right now. Even though it’s early I’m turning into a kohlrabi to have quality time with the cat and the Kindle–something pretty mindless.

I do see that I’m receiving email. Amazingly, despite all the computer hassles, I’m still almost on schedule with the big index (another bit of brightness), thanks to SKY being loaded with keyboard shortcuts. Happiness.

Even though it’s early I’m turning into a kohlrabi to have quality time with the cat and the Kindle–something pretty mindless.  For what it’s worth, I feel better having written this–and don’t say I didn’t warn you above that you might want to stop reading.


cat on computer
Enough? Quit now?

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