Ergonomics and other stuff….

FUTURO™ Deluxe Wrist StabilizerYes–I’m back on the subject of overuse injury–again, or maybe still–so expect stuff on medial epicondylitis and the like since I’ve been made acutely aware of how much keying SKY Index really eliminates with autocomplete function and keyboard shortcuts!

Right now I’m working on a project that requires the editing and indexing to be done directly in InDesign. That means a lot more keying than usual–and I’m feeling it.  My mouse use–well, it’s technically not mousing but overuse of my trackball–moves the overuse from the wrist to the thumb. Add to that squinting at the tiny letters that InDesign uses on all the little tool panels….

It’s amazing how some very simple actions can result in “overuse” signals from your body–and how easily you can ignore them when deadlines loom even if you know what’s causing the discomfort and know what happens when you “work through” it.


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