Adobe CC 2014 issues, too!

IMG_20150623_073342079_HDRI’d posted just a few days ago that I had issues with CC-2015. After Adobe tech support “regressed” me to 2014 which did export .indd files from unindexed documents to .idml, I went back to work.

Unfortunately when I sent the index file for the microbiology chapter, the compositor was unable to open it–even though it appeared as .idml. So back to the drawing board–redo the microbiology index.

I’ve further regressed to Adobe CS6, and am sending a partially indexed file for test. (I should say that the compositor and I did do test files with me converting from .indd from CC-2015 to .idml. That worked fine–until the index was added.

I’d love to hear from others indexing in InDesign if they have had any similar issues. Some how a “known issue” doesn’t seem to be at all well known at least in all the knowledge-base reading that I did.

cat on computer

I have to say that the editor and I had a good laugh about the whole issue this morning. I’m going to have to cram in some extra work time, but it’s not going to be calling for all-nighters to finish the project–unless there are other “known” issues, but I’ll not be converting or back-saving files.

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