TExtract, continued

Despite insomnia last night which gave me a late start this morning, I started working with TExtract again this morning and now I’m wondering why I’m tired. I’ve  used it on different document types. Some very cut and dried with well-outlined sections, but littered with acronyms, numbers;  another was that more prose like, but dealing with similar material.  These are books for which I’ve written indexes, so I’m getting a  feel for what the software picks up.  (You don’t need to worry about it replacing you as an indexer.) I’ve also looked at how TExtract handled a book on genetics/inheritance that was written for a very broad audience–essentially a technical trade book–concept-oriented, but with lots of the jargon–er, specialized terminology–associated with inheritance and genetics.

Some things I could do with Adobe Acrobat Pro with functions like proximity search–and I should say here and now that I’m not about to give up by Creative Cloud subscription, but it would take me a lot longer to do the searching than it does TExtract. and results would not be presented in need tabular form of “co-occurrence” of terms that I was able to buzz through  writing sub-entries quickly. This also is NOT going to replace SKY& for me either since there will be “tidy-up” editing to be done.Frankie orange tabby on lap with head in the way of the monitor

Next, I am going to try TExtract on something much more prose-like–a manuscript on Karezza and/or maybe organizational change/development–a collection of papers that is really almost a scholarly work.

Other things I want to look at will be importing the TExtract files into SKY7 and see how editing goes from there.  Given the editing power of SKY7 this should be interesting. TExtract is not cheap if you purchase a permanent license, so I want to give it a good trial, maybe even trying some heavy-duty neurology/neuroanatomy to see what comes out.

But that’s not for today. My break-time “software” is telling me my workday is over!

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