Requiem for a laptop…

Ginger tabby (large) lying on my laptop keyboard.Despite a new hard drive, a clean installation of Windows XP and a re-installation of Windows XP (the second time after I tried to install Windows 8 on it), the ASUS laptop, which has been my stand-in for desktop as well as my traveling computer for many years, seems to have crumped. Many blue screens of death–I’ve gotten quite familiar with the abbreviation BSOD!

After a final attempt to actually DO something on that computer this morning and error messages essentially telling me that it could not be done because of lack of resources, and other things, I shut it down for a last time, solemnly closed it–and went computer shopping!

Hindsight is so much better than “future” sight.  Probably my better judgement, given how old that computer was, should have said don’t try to repair it, don’t put in a new hard drive, but….

I was pleasantly (well, sort of) surprised that I can now get the equivalent for about one-third the price so the budget is not going to be totally trashed.  I have to heave a sigh of relief that this didn’t wait to happen until I actually received the movement disorders book to index.  Small things sometimes make me very happy.

At least I’ve done away with the stress of not having a back-up computer; true, it’s small–an ASUS notebook with an 11.4-inch monitor, but it runs SKY Index, and all the Adobe Acrobat Pro XI, and InDesign quite well–probably better than the old laptop. And it’s much nicer to tote around as a travel computer.  A laptop with a 17-inch monitor is heavy.

Now, to start again on replacing software….

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