How do you phrase that?

The Polar Times
“The Polar Times”

I’m working on the index for a collection of excerpts from “The Polar Times” to be published in book form–kind of hitting the high spots from 1936 to date.  Most of the excerpts are from newspaper articles that were reprinted in “The Polar Times”.  This has provided some interesting possibilities in terms of entries.

An example from today’s work: an article from “The New York Times” (part of an obituary) about an engineer who spent a lot of his life promulgating a theory that the accumulation of ice in the Antarctic icecap could actually tip the earth, causing catastrophic floods, et cetera.  How do you phrase that?

Then there was another article about climatologists suggesting that the Arctic icecap could actually melt; or the suggestion that the Antarctic actually precipitates pollution out of the air?  I’m sure it will be much easier doing the cumulative index where I’ll be dealing with the entire article and not just excerpts from it.  I wonder if those are famous last words?

No matter the difficulty of the phrasing decisions, it’s fascinating reading!  What a great thing to get paid for!

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